CBD-Rich Hemp Oil For Horses - CBD Health Products

CBD can be the most powerful proactive deterrent of arthritis and pain incorporated into your horse’s daily diet. This can alleviate not just the stiffness through joint function and added muscle mobility physically in the centers where there is most in ammation, but it can act as a catalyst in your horse’s nervous system by helping to moderate the endocannabinoid system which studies have shown governs the central nervous system alleviating the painful neurological impulses that stimulate the joints negatively through the adverse joint and nerve pain, the swelling and discomfort that goes along with the arthritic condition and antagonizes it as the response the horse gets on a neurological level.

CBD-rich hemp-based products are a breakthrough in health and wellness for the equine diet and have been a secret of elite horse trainers working in the industry. I have been personally pleased to see CBD research benefits transfer to our loved horses and have received multiple testimonials from the owners and trainers and have seen it over all impact in helping many horses from a variety of ages, weights and sex suffering from many conditions listed in this article along with supporting critical proactive joint growth in yearlings and providing protection from future breakdown, helping all our horses in living a long, healthy, and full life.

– Ian Pedersen, Director of Hemp Research, CannaBusiness Development, Source CBD, LLC