How long does it take CBD to work? - CBD Health Products

How long does it take CBD to work? It is different for each person. The key is to find the delivery method that works for your personal situation. Try timing your doses for a few days or weeks to find a schedule that fits you.


Inhaling CBD through vaping or dabbing is the fastest way to experience relief because it enters your bloodstream through your lungs. Most people should start to feel the calming affects in 5-10 minutes and it should last a few hours. Products like vape cartridges are used with an vaporizer.


Taking CBD oil sublingually or under the tongue is the second fastest way to find relief. The oil is placed under the tongue and held there for about a minute. From there it is absorbed into the bloodstream fairly quickly and can last for a few hours.

On Food

CBD oil can be added to food as an alternative way to take it. It will take longer to feel the affect due to the body’s process of digesting and absorbing the food. Depending on your metabolism, the effects can be felt in about 20 minutes. Most people won’t feel anything for about 1 hour. There are also gummies and gel caps that work in a similar manner.

The dosage of CBD oil will depend on your own personal tolerance level. It is always better to start with a low dosage and gradually increase it. You can stop increasing your dose when you feel relief from your symptoms.


Creams, lotions, salves and balms are another form to take CBD topically. The absorption rate on topical can be on the slow side, but there is the added benefit of keeping your skin moisturized. These can last longer because the CBD is absorbed slowly through the skin.

Regardless of how you take CBD oil the affects are fairly long lasting. There should not be the issue of carrying it everywhere with you if you need to take it every hour to get relief.

One last thing is to be sure to buy high quality CBD oil. The affects will come more quickly by using the highest quality oils like the ones at