Life Changing Health Benefits - CBD for Seniors - CBD Health Products

The advancing popularity of CBD in the last few years has created a huge shift in health and wellness.

Multiple studies have shown that CBD can provide natural relief for more that 50 health conditions including anxiety, depression, arthritis, epilepsy, chronic pain and many other stress-related disorders.

In America today there are over 46 million people that are over the age of 65.  As the baby boomers come of age, an additional 10,000 people will become seniors each day.  This is being called the “Silver tsunami” and will become a large part of our population.  By 2035 the senior population will out number the minor population (under 18).

As our body’s age we will all face the threat of serious health conditions.  Some will happily transition into this stage of life while others will refuse to acknowledge it.

It is inevitable that most of us (if we are fortunate) will get older.  CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that comes from the cannabis plant hemp. What this means for the user is that they can get the health benefits from CBD without the mind-altering effect.  Like other cannabinoids, CBD can work with the receptors in our bodies Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

Science is supporting many of the benefits that CBD can provide as a solution to improving the lives of seniors.  Some of those benefits include:

Management of pain and inflammation

More that half the seniors in America are suffering from arthritis or some other sort of chronic pain.  CBD can reduce or alleviate pain by activating the receptors in our bodies Endocannabinoid System (ECS) with little to no side effects.  CBD can be a natural alternative to prescription pain medications.

Improved sleep quality

Sleep disorders are typically caused by outside factors such as stress, anxiety, and any other unbalance within the body.  CBD can have a calming effect and naturally support a healthier sleep.

Bone density

As we age our bones experience a loss of minerals to prevent them from becoming brittle and therefore prone to breaking.  Bone health is a serious issue for the older population.  Research has shown that cannabinoids like CBD strengthen the bones and even help promote the healing process if there is a fracture.

Heart health

Heart disease is the most common condition in older adults and the #1 cause of death.  Over half of all Americans suffer from high blood pressure which leads to heart conditions.  Studies have found that CBD, because of its antioxidant properties, can help reduce cardiac inflammation by deterring cell death.  It has also shown to lower blood pressure in some people.

Improve mood swings

By interacting with the bodies receptors, CBD, can help regulate our mood, alleviate stress and calm the mind.

Deter neurodegenerative diseases

The ability for CBD to interact with the receptors in our brain and central nervous system has caused many experts to believe that CBD could be a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis.