Our CBD Shatter is Ultra High Quality - CBD Health Products

CBD Shatter is our ultra pure lab tested CBD Isolate infused with fresh cannabis terpenes blends. This CBD concentrate boasts the highest concentration of any of our CBD dabs. If purity matters, our CBD Shatter is for you!

Our CBD Shatter tests at 90% CBD, 5% CBG, and 5% CDT (Cannabis Derived Terpenes) plus, 0.00% THC!!! 

The incredible Cannabis flavor that you fully taste and smell is only available here!

Shatter’s chunky crystalline structure liquifies immediately with a vaporizer or e-nail.

If you have never dabbed CBD, you owe it to yourself to try. You will immediately be amazed at the calming properties of CBD at this concentration.

It is hard to explain calm with the euphoria of CBD….

Think inner peace that comes with a taste that is like the best Cannabis you have ever smoked, ever. 

What is CBD Shatter?

CBD Shatter is made in a laboratory with solvents, heat, pressure, and water to provide a pure extract.

These are not fruit terpenes re-introduced, they’re true cannabis terpenes.

All of our products are tested 100% FREE of residual solvents.

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